What is Developmentally-FIT?

Developmentally-FIT© is a unique behavioural-science grounded methodology designed for two distinctly-different types of organisations:

1. SMALL – MEDIUM SIZED ENTERPRISES (SME’s) that are looking to innovate and grow but lack the depth of resources required to effectively, cost-efficiently and sustainably develop their people.
2. LARGE, MULTI-LAYERED OR GEOGRAPHICALLY SPREAD ORGANISATIONS that are looking to explore new paradigms on which to base their future people and capability development.

The Developmentally-FIT© methodology enables people to initiate and sustain their own behaviour change and personal growth (also known as vertical development) as the foundation for effective, sustainable and innovative organisational growth.  This is different from ‘technical fitness’ (known as horizontal development) which is what people practise every day i.e. the functional, specific job-related skills and competencies needed to perform tasks.

The methodology emerged from three years’ R&D with New Zealand organisations that highlighted substantial inefficiencies and obstacles to change and growth caused by a lack of understanding around how to achieve meaningful and sustainable personal growth .  An Oct 2016 Harvard Business Review article offers a compelling perspective on this problem:

“For the most part, the millions of dollars organisations spend on learning ($160 billion in the United States and close to $356 billion globally in 2015 alone) doesn’t lead to better organizational performance because people typically revert to their old ways of doing things”.

The Developmentally-FIT© methodology gives people both the knowledge and a highly-practical process to help them achieve the behavioural changes they need to make, in order to keep growing.  This enables them – and their organisation – to keep moving in the direction they want to go.  The methodology also reduces the potential for ‘reverting to old ways of doing things’ which is a major obstacle to sustainable innovation and growth.

Why is the Developmentally-FIT© methodology different?
The Developmentally-FIT© methodology emerged from research inside New Zealand organisations and from insights into numerous leading-edge studies in business and the social and human sciences.  It is unique because it has been developed using the latest behavioural science and a design-thinking research approach.  This means that  the methodology is grounded in the functional, pragmatic realities of every-day work.

Find out more
If you would like to learn more about the Developmentally-FIT© methodology, contact us to organise a coffee and a catch-up.  We’ll take you through the details so you can gain a deeper understanding of how it all works.


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