2018 Early Adopter Partnership Opportunities

Throughout 2018 we are running a limited series of ‘early adopter’ professional development programmes with the central aim of helping existing and emerging talent to become Developmentally-FIT.   These programmes have been specifically-designed for two distinctly-different markets:

1. Small-Medium Enterprises (SME’s)
2. Large, multi-layered or geographically-spread organisations

The Early Adopter Programmes will deliver the following outcomes for participants:

  • A deep understanding of what it means to be Developmentally-FIT©
  • New self-development and coaching model which underpins being Developmentally-FIT©
  • Understanding of how to nurture new, innovative and high-value behaviours
  • Understanding of how to develop others using the Developmentally-FIT© methodology.

All programmes are run over a three-month cycle and include a combination of group learning workshops and individual coaching support.  The participants who go through the Early Adopter Programmes will also be the first cohort to have access to a central feature of the Developmentally-FIT© digital tool which is currently in development and being trialled.

The Early Adopter Programme is limited in numbers because it forms a discrete phase of our R&D where we will be testing features of the digital tool we are developing.  Businesses involved in the programme will benefit in a number of ways, including: Reduced costs, direct relationship with programme designers and reduced future licensing fee for the digital tool.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Early Adopter Programmes, please contact us for a chat.

© Oetgen Hunt 2017


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