About us

The Developmentally-FIT© Methodology & Technology is being created in New Zealand by Oetgen Hunt Ltd.   A behavioural science, workplace R&D and technology firm, we work very closely and collaboratively with a diverse range of organisations and focus on generating practice-driven field research to develop methods for solving the real-time problems that are emerging from today’s rapidly-changing organisation and social contexts.


cropped-tresna-pic.jpgDr Tresna Hunt, PhD in Psychology and Leadership
Tresna is a New Zealand registered psychologist with a PhD in psychology and leadership from the University of Otago and an International Coaching Community Certified Coach (ICC).   She is an experienced coach, therapist and facilitator and has been a contract lecturer to the University of Auckland School of Psychology and Auckland University of Technology. Tresna holds pro bono positions including board member of the Australia/New Zealand arm of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ACBS), board member at Belmont Intermediate School and Mental Fitness Trainer for the Takapuna Grammar School Cricket Academy.

cropped-brett-pic.jpgBrett Oetgen, MBA in International Management
Brett has an extensive business background, primarily in management consulting & leadership development.  Before starting Oetgen Hunt Ltd with Tresna in 2014, Brett held various leadership positions and Director roles for a global training, development & consulting organisation with revenues in excess of US$20m.  During that time, he lived and worked in New Zealand, Canada and Australia and worked alongside a large number of leaders from a wide range of professions and industries.  Brett has also held senior management positions in the design and architectural fields.

The concepts and ideas behind Developmentally-FIT© are built on the foundations of the science-practitioner model, which means that we work at the juncture between scientific research and the practical reality of organisational life. We are constantly moving backwards and forwards  between the two worlds, generating workable solutions that have depth, breadth and scope.

A number of different theories form the foundations of our work, including:

Contextual behavioural science, and in particular Relational Frame Theory

Action research, and in particular work by Edgar Schein

Cognitive Psychology, and in particular Schema Theory

Relational Leadership, and in particular Ann Cunliffe and Margaret Wheatley

Evolutionary Science, and in particular the work of David Sloan Wilson

Positive Psychology, and in particular the work of Martin Seligman

Theories of Human Development, and in particular the work of Robert Kegan

Systems Theory, and in particular Integral Leadership


Copyright Oetgen Hunt Limited, 2017



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