The self-development mindset

The organisations, teams and leaders we work with are becoming increasingly aware that many of the conventional approaches to growth, change and development that they’ve been using (and have been investing significant resources in) are not sustainably-effective.  The Harvard Business Review tells us why that is:

For the most part, the millions of dollars organisations spend on learning ($160 billion in the United States and close to $356 billion globally in 2015 alone) doesn’t lead to better organizational performance because people typically revert to their old ways of doing things– HBR (Oct 2016)

The reason this happens is because the vast majority of the development programmes and initiatives that organisations use to adapt and grow, have not been built on a fundamental understanding of human behaviour – the very thing that needs to be targeted to ensure that people don’t revert to their old ways of doing things.

The Developmentally-FIT© model emerged from a four-year intensive R&D process with teams in New Zealand organisations, exploring how to translate the very latest thinking in behavioural science into practice within the workplace.  It  has  been validated through a continuous process of implementation and user-feedback/refinement and is therefore an evidence-based, best-practice model.

Developmentally-FIT© is a methodology that helps individuals and teams learn how to take responsibility for driving their own long-term growth and development with precision, accuracy and depth, building a successful and meaningful long-term future both for themselves, and for others.  Importantly, once someone has developed a Developmentally-FIT© mindset then they have also developed a process mindset setting them up to respond to modern complex work environments with flexibility, agility and innovation.



The Developmentally-FIT© Model

Developmentally–FIT © methodology has been designed from the latest science that tells us that people can learn how to make sense of their own mental, emotional and behavioural experiences, and can use that knowledge to greatly improve the way they develop themselves and their effectiveness in the workplace. Importantly Developmentally-FIT © changes the way people think – shifting them to become ‘process thinkers’ – the foundational skill needed to develop conscious flexibility of thought, emotion and action that’s needed in today’s fast-changing world.

As the individuals in a team begin to build a Developmentally-FIT© mindset, they also start to cultivate a form of scaffolding that stream-lines the culture, significantly enhancing execution, focus, leadership, innovation and wellbeing.  This scaffolding not only gives teams control over the direction they are heading in, it also enables them to influence the quality of that direction.

There are three major features to the Developmentally-FIT© model including:

Frame – A technique that shows a team how to organise their experiences so that they can identify and influence with precision and depth their developmental/cultural edges or growth needs.

Initiate – Strategies for experimenting with new behaviours, testing their function and keeping newly identified behaviours ‘working’.

Track – A tool for tracking the developmental journey and for building the team cultural scaffolding and that also connects individuals and/or teams with their coach for support.

There are three different types of Developmentally-FIT© programmes including a) Leadership & Emerging Talent, b) Team Foundational and b) Team Intensive, and each runs in three-month cycles. For more information please click here.